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Muckish Mountain

Muckish Mountain, part of the Derryveagh Mountains of County Donegal, can be ascended starting from a point near the famous Droichead na nDeor ("bridge of tears") in Muckish Gap, Ireland
Muckish (in Irish: Mucais / an Mhucais, meaning "(the) pig's back") is a distinctive flat-topped mountain in the Derryveagh Mountains of County Donegal. A large cairn, visible from sea level, can be found on the summit plateau. In 2000, a large metal cross was placed on the summit, replacing a wooden one that had been destroyed in a storm. The new cross was placed much closer to the northern end of the mountain, while the cairn is towards the south.
Two main routes can be used to get to the Muckish plateau, by the Miner's track or from Muckish Gap, to the south.

The less difficult of these two routes begins from Muckish Gap (in Irish Mám na Mucaise) on the southern side of the mountain. Park by the grotto at Irish Grid Reference B999 269 (point marked on the map). Nearby is Droichead na nDeor ("bridge of tears"), commemorated with a plaque. It was from this bridge that many thousands of emigrants from the area bade farewell to family members.

Head north to the next bend, before turning off to the right across the bog, to climb up a well-worn path to a shoulder at just over 350m. Now head steeply up to the left, and the slope soon eases. Just below the rim of the plateau, an eroded path heads right, to emerge onto the plateau near a very large cairn. From here, the summit point and cross are about a 500m walk northwest.

To ascend Muckish Mountain park by the grotto in Muckish Gap at Irish Grid Reference B999 269 (see point marked on the map)